Business Consultancy

Technology can completely transform the way you run your show

Domain Expertise

With our in-depth domain expertise, we can help you fine tune your business goals and increase your ROI

Process Optimisation

Our business consultants, with their thorough gap analysis skills, help in optimising and improving your processes

Strategic Planning

We design agile strategies, road maps & implementation plans that will help minimise your product's time to market

About Us

SEQATO Software Solutions is a niche technology service provider in the IT/ITES sector. We provide consultancy and development services to our clients in USA, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Middle East.

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Artificial Intelligence

Why Choose Us?

  • High Quality Deliverables
  • Timeline Adherence
  • Professional Resources
  • Transparent Communication
  • Exceptional Work Culture
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We take pride in our intrinsic delivery quality that has kept our global customers happy and satisfied. Our mantra is "Customer First" and it will always be the same.


We work smart and exploit technology to do more with less effort. This helps us maintain our operating costs without outrunning our customer's budgets.

We grow with our customers. We strive passionately to make our customers succeed so that we will succeed in return. We adapt ourselves to our customer's on-demand needs


Core Capabilities

The right technology implemented by the right resources can do magic to your business.

Backend Development

Server side technology to cater to the backend services and workflows for your applications. Flawlessly & efficiently done.

Frontend Development

Beautiful and awesome User Experience to bring in the "Wow" factor. Impress your users instantly.

Mobile Apps

Native as well as Hybrid application development to make your business truly mobile. Your business goes where you go.

Data Analytics, BI

Visualize your data and increase your ROI by using accurate insights. Business Intelligence will make you stand out

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions

What does the name SEQATO mean?
SEQATO is a coined word that expands to - Software Engineering - Quality Assurance - Technology Operations.
I have a great idea but I have no clue on how to implement it. Can you help?
That is why we are here for. Please drop us a note and we will find out the best way forward. Unlike most traditional service vendors, we are passionate about helping other businesses and startups grow.
We have a limited budget. Can you meet our requirements?
If you are willing to be flexible and compromise on some of the requirements, we can attempt to meet your budget, even if it is low. And no we won't compromise on quality.
Key differences from other competitors:
* High Quality Deliverables
* Timeline Adherence
* Professional Resources
* Transparent Communication
* Exceptional Work Culture
Which technology is best for my application? And how much will it cost approximately?
Effort Estimate and Solution Design vary for each requirement. Let us know your requirement and we will get back to you with a solution and a free quote.
Can I be associated with SEQATO?
We always welcome association with awesome people. If you are looking for vendor partnership, please email If you are an extremely talented person and would want to join SEQATO, please get in touch with We would love to have a chat with you.
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